Dunolly Gardens uses BuildingLink, the industry’s most trusted property management software. BuildingLink enables Management and the Board to deliver a superior resident experience while streamlining maintenance and operations.

You will be asked to register for BuildingLink during the completion of the admissions process. When registered, you will receive announcements and notices via email.

Please log into your BuildingLink account to submit a Mainetnance Request, check the latest announcements, retrieve documents or forms, or even speak to your neighbors through the online bulletin board!

Contact Management if you need help registering for BuildingLink.

Tips for Submitting a Maintenance Request

When submitting a request, please make sure to fill out accurate information as follows.

Request Category:

Problem Description:

Be as descriptive as possible about the issue. Make sure to answer the basics like when noticed the issue, where the issue was seen, what the issue is, etc. More detail here means less questions/misunderstandings later.


Choose a level of urgency for your request. High should be used for issues that are causing or will cause damage to the property in any way (eg, leaks) or for safety concerns. In the case of a true emergency, please call 911 instead.

Contact Phone Number:

Please leave a phone number at which you can be reached to discuss the resolution of your request.

Permission to Enter:

Make sure to indicate whether you give permission to enter your unit to address the problem, if applicable. Failure to provide permission may result in delays in resolving your request.

Entry Instructions:

If there are only specific times/dates and/or someone else is holding your keys, please leave those details here.

Include Photos with this request:

If at all possible, please take a picture of the issue and attach it to the request. It will help speed up the review and resolution of your request.

Documents & Forms

BuildingLink has a digital library with the following available:

Amenity Requests

You can use the Amenity Request feature to schedule the following with Management: