Jackson Heights is one of the most culturally diverse neighborhoods in the United States with 167 languages spoken. Located in northwest Queens, Jackson Heights is an exciting and inviting community that honors its past and its cultural diversity. Jackson Heights proper has an area of approximately 350 acres and is bounded by Roosevelt Avenue to the south; Broadway, Leverich Street, and 70th Street to the west; Northern Boulevard to the north, and Junction Boulevard to the east.

Dunolly Gardens is in the Jackson Heights Historic District, designated in 1993 by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Local resources

The Jackson Heights Beautification Group (JHBG) - is a grassroots community organization of people who live and work in Jackson Heights and care enough to help make Jackson Heights one of the best neighborhoods in Queens and New York City. JHBG supports high standards; preservation; local pride; diversity; inclusion; cleanliness; greenery; community composting; civility; local schools, institutions, and merchants; and anything that enhances Jackson Heights. JHBG opposes litter; crime; pollution; disorder; intolerance; landmark violations; noise; and apathy.

Each year the JHBG organizes a historic garden tour of Jackson Heights of which Dunolly Gardens participates.

In Jackson Heights Documentary - Frederick Wiseman's 40th documentary In Jackson Heights is about the racially and ethnically diverse neighborhood of Jackson Heights in Queens, New York.

Farmer’s Market and Community Supported Agriculture

Jackson Heights GreenMarket – Every Sunday of the year at 34th Ave and 79th Street, GrowNYC hosts a farmer's market from 8:00am to 3:00pm (winter hours 8:00am - 2:00pm). Located in one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city, the recently expanded Jackson Heights Greenmarket is the largest and busiest Greenmarket in Queens. Wrapping around the edge of Travers Park, this bustling Sunday market draws a large crowd of families, long-time residents and young couples who come out to shop, enjoy the lively scene, and meet and greet their neighbors. The Friends of Travers Park and JHBG advocated to make 78th Street a permanent "playstreet" where family-friendly, music and cultural events are held adjacent to the market. Reflecting the culinary diversity of the neighborhood, the Jackson Heights market offers a broad selection of vegetables, fruit, eggs, fish, honey, chicken and specialty Mexican produce.

Jackson Heights CSA - Farm Spot CSA pick up location at St Mark’s Church on 82nd Street & 34th Avenue, Thursdays from 5pm-8pm. CSA participants can also bring food scraps to the St. Mark's Compost site.  Email:

Community Forums

Jackson Heights Life - JH Life is a free community discussion forum serving Jackson Heights, East Elmhurst, Corona, Elmhurst, and Woodside, Queens. News and discussions about what's going on in these neighborhoods. @JacksonHtsLife Twitter

The current discussion boards are:

Jackson Heights Post – a website that aggregates news items from the web for the neighborhood.

Jackson Heights Families-Yahoo Group: This group is for parents, caregivers, and families who are interested in building community. 

Community Board

Dunolly Gardens is in New York City Community Board 3.


There are public, private, and parochial schools in the neighborhood. A list of schools, including the zoned schools for Dunolly Gardens, can be found at

Public Parks/Playgrounds

Travers Park (between 34th Ave & Northern Blvd, 77th & 78th Streets)

Rory Staunton Field [closed, currently under renovation]

IS145Q Schoolyard [rear, accessible from 79th St. between 34th Ave. & Northern Blvd.]

PS69Q Schoolyard [rear, accessible from 78th St. near 37th Ave.]

Elected Officials

New York State and United States

New York City - Who Represents Me                                                                                          

Dog Parks

Travers Park a dog run is located inside Travers Park, in the fenced area adjacent to the handball court.

Jackson Heights Canine Recreation Wonderland – run by the Jackson Heights Beautification Group and is located on 35th Avenue at 69th Street, underneath the BQE. You will need a code for the gate, contact the JHBG for access. There are separate areas for large dogs and small dogs.

Sherry Dog Run (and here) – is administered by the NYC Parks Department and is located at Queens Blvd. bet. 65 Pl. and the BQE. There is one large concrete area for dogs to run around in, no separate area for small dogs. During the summer there are soaking pools for dogs to cool off in.